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FireBawks Chicken

Firebawks Hot Chicken

Firebawks specializes in no non-sense, crispy, tasty fried chicken dishes, including the Chicken Sammy, made with delicious and juicy fried chicken, fresh, crunchy coleslaw, pickles, and ComeBawk sauce atop a soft Brioche bun. Firebawks was born out of a fiery passion for good food and a desire to bring something new to DFW's hot chicken scene.
No Nonsense Chicken

No Nonsense Chicken

We keep our menu simple. We serve fried chicken because it's tasty, and we think you'll agree that our crunchy coleslaw, crisp pickles, and ComeBawk sauce will be a symphony for your tastebuds. We don't overcomplicate our fried chicken because we want to keep it familiar, consistent and taste otherworldly like a box of magical unicorns.

Our Roots

Niddal Abedrabbo has been working on bringing Firebawks to life for quite some time now. Featuring juicy chicken, simple ingredients and Niddal's own recipes, Firebawks is a fried-chicken restaurant with a twist. When you order up a round of fried chicken from Firebawks get ready, because your tastebuds are in for something good!

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