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Arepa TX

Arepa TX, Elevated Latin Street Food

Arepa TX specializes in Latin and Mexican cuisine. Enjoy beautiful arepas (savory corn cakes) made from scratch and grilled to a light crisp, as well as tacos, empanadas and rice bowls. This is handmade gourmet comfort food with bold flavors and a funky Latin beat.
Food + Drink

Latin Street Food

The menu of Latin fusion food is a perfect reflection of Executive Chef Mary Ann's culinary inspirations, bringing together diverse textures, sauces, flavors, and spices from her travels around the world. Though Latin at heart, she lives by no boundary, which is a consistent theme at Arepa TX. Like Chef Mary Ann says, "If it tastes good, we perfect it and put it in an arepa." Dig into the signature La Cubana Arepa with pulled pork, ham, melted cheese, and pickles. 

Our Roots

The menu was created by Executive Chef and Partner Mary Ann Allen, best known as the Frugal Chef, a popular online personality who offers insight and humor on budget-friendly, healthy eating. Her YouTube videos offer easy recipes explained in Mary Ann's spunky style. Mary Ann has lived around the world, including Bolivia, the United States (New Hampshire and California), Vanuatu, and Guam. She has traveled throughout South America, South Pacific Asia, and the States, experiencing the unique flavors and traditions found in these places. Now, with North Texas as her home, Mary Ann and her team have created Arepa TX as a modern twist on traditional South American arepa dishes. Now with Oscar and Christina Zuniga at the helm of the Grapevine location, MaryAnn can continue her travels and learn more recipes to bring to Arepa TX. 


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