Harvest Hall FAQs

What exactly is Harvest Hall?

Harvest Hall is a 20,000 square foot food, beverage and entertainment venue that will feature architecture reminiscent of 19th-century grand rail stations of America. It will contain modern amenities, unique food vendors, a special venue for live events, and a 32,000 square foot outdoor plaza.

As part of a mixed-use complex, Harvest Hall will be connected to a 120-room boutique hotel with nearly 10,000 square feet of meeting and event space. Together with its proximity to the commuter rail connecting DFW and Fort Worth, Harvest Hall will be bustling with tourists and locals alike.

Who operates Harvest Hall?

The operator is Vin Depot, LLC, a strategic partnership created by two hospitality veterans, Paul Coury and Mark Brooks.

Paul Coury – Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coury Properties, Inc. and Coury Hospitality
Mr. Coury’s background includes more than 30 years in commercial real estate sales, development and management, plus 20 years in the hospitality and restaurant industry. His portfolio includes more than 20 hotels and restaurants with a continued plan for growth.

Mark Brooks – Principal of Brooks Hospitality
Mr. Brooks has 41 years of experience encompassing hotels and food and beverage. F&B experience covers operations and development in culinary, restaurant and catering ventures. Mr. Brooks has operated and developed projects in the DFW market for over 17 years.

What is the vision for the food offerings at Harvest Hall?

Harvest Hall will offer a unique experience of curated vendors providing high quality, chef-driven, specialty foods with a wide range of diversity. It will reflect the latest of food trends, innovations and exciting culinary activations that are unique to the Grapevine community and surrounding areas.

Harvest Hall will review all potential applicants and make determinations as to ensure a vibrant, diversified and all-encompassing line-up of established businesses and start-ups for a projected opening in summer 2020. The success of the Harvest Hall hinges on the synergy of a carefully curated and passionate vendors.

What would give my business an edge in the curation process? What qualities in the product offering are you looking for?

Whether an established or budding chef, a first-time entrepreneur or successful food service operator, you should bring to the table passion and experience in the culinary scene and offer a unique product that will add value to both Harvest Hall and the dining scene in Grapevine. Additionally, you will come with a menu that is fit for a small-space, high volume dining venue. Chains, franchises, and mass produced prepackaged frozen foods will not be considered.

Where is Harvest Hall located?

Harvest Hall is located at the corner of Main Street and Dallas Road—the beginning of Grapevine’s historic Main Street and just seven minutes from DFW Airport. Connected to Hotel Vin, the new commuter rail station and the 32,000 square foot plaza at Grapevine Main, Harvest Hall is poised to be an economic engine for downtown Grapevine for years to come.

How do I apply to become a vendor at the Harvest Hall?

All potential vendors can apply through the Harvest Hall website. Within the application, you will present a proposal which will detail your concept. The application begins the process of arranging for a presentation, interview, and tasting to be conducted by the Harvest Hall team.

When will you start the selection process?

We started the selection process at the beginning of July 2019. Currently, we are still searching for the ideal partners to occupy a few of the kitchens.

To apply, go to our website at harvesthall.com and fill out the online application or return it to us via email at info@harvesthall.com.

What will a typical food stall look like?

The stalls in Harvest Hall give nod to the streamlined elegance and marvels of railway engineering during the American Industrial Revolution. Cast iron, wood and plated glass are strategically used throughout the stalls in a manner that reflects the genius of craft and detail of the period. Delicate details are contrasted with the heaviness of beams and posts, creating a streamlined structure and exposing the many elements that power the stall. They will vary from 240 square feet to 440 square feet.

The Harvest Hall team will provide all design elements for the stalls. Vendors will be allowed some customization of their stall signage and menu boards.

What’s included in my monthly fee?

  • Infrastructure and finished stall
  • Floor drains, handwashing sink, grease trap connections, exhaust hoods
  • Utilities including water, gas, electricity (100 AMP) and Wi-Fi
  • Dedicated refrigeration and dry storage areas with shelving
  • Communal prep area and pot washing
  • Customer plates, glassware and utensils
  • Centralized POS system that also include time clock capabilities
  • Central dishwashing
  • Common HVAC
  • General maintenance and janitorial services
  • Restrooms
  • Centralized receiving of all food items
  • Centralized trash and grease removal
  • Centralized marketing team
  • Year-round event programming

What do I need to provide?

  • All cooking equipment, i.e. grills, flattops, fryers, etc.
  • Small wares
  • Menu board
  • Branded signage
  • Stall refrigeration/freezer if needed
  • Food inventory and labor
  • Necessary permits, food service licenses and insurance

Do I get to keep the equipment if/when I leave?

Any equipment wholly bought and paid for by the vendor will remain the property of the vendor following termination of lease. The stall will need to be returned in its original condition.

What about storage?

All stalls will have access to individual locked-off industrial refrigeration and dry good cages. Stalls will have limited storage on-site within their footprint.

What about equipment maintenance and upkeep?

Each stall operator will be responsible for and expected to maintain their areas with a high level of cleanliness and attention to detail. There will be a shared cost for any professional cleaning and maintenance of Harvest Hall provided equipment.

Are there options for vendors to incorporate their own branding other than the menu board?

Harvest Hall branded to-go containers and paper tote bags will be available at cost and have space to add a sticker or stamp of your logo. Each stall design will also allow for vendor logo signage within the framework and guidelines provided.

What will the financial terms look like?

Our Agreements will be for a minimum of 24 months and will require benchmarks that will be outlined in your Agreement. The monthly fee is on gross sales and will be on a sliding scale based upon financial performance. As your sales increase, your percent of gross sales collected is reduced .

Will you require a deposit?

A nominal deposit of $5,000 will be required to secure your location.

What else do I need to know?

One alcohol license including beer, wine and liquor will be held by Harvest Hall, and therefore only the Harvest Hall bar will be permitted to sell alcoholic beverages. Guests may carry their beverages anywhere inside the Harvest Hall and in the designated outdoor areas.

Harvest Hall has a marketing and promotions staff that will promote and book events within the hall year-round. Signature events such as a weekly live music program and feature activations such as pairings, brand partnerships and special holiday events will attract visitors to the venue and drive traffic to your establishments. Additionally, your business may have the opportunity to be included in catering for private parties and events.

Harvest Hall will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., with possible consideration for extended hours on weekends. Breakfast will require only a few stalls to be open.